Our family believes in cultivating community in the best way we know how, investing & engaging with the people right around us.

The following friends and businesses we consider not only incredibly talented in their field, but also our friends. We'd like you to meet them.

Morehead Marketing- Jeff and Becky are photographers and own & operate their marketing firm. They have faithfully invested in us for years and passed along tips and knowledge that we have found so very helpful.

Andrew Sale Designs- Andrew has built and designed the site you are viewing today. He works in communciations and graphic design at our church. He is an incredible freelancer and so easy to work along side. Things I would find impossible he makes look so easy.

Creative Mediums- Wes Feldner also helped in the creation of our site. He never ceases to amaze our family with his many talents. He is also a freelancer and leads worship at our church.

A. Kline Photography- Abbey Kline is a girl with a sparkle in her eye and a sweetness in her voice. She is also a super talented photogragher. She took many of the pictures you see on our site and even had one published in Taste of Home October 2011! She is a terrific pick for your next event that needs a fresh, young photographer.

Pinnacle Web Solutions- Zach Lee is a really nice guy. And a new Father! A teacher by trade and now a start up business owner, we have seen our rankings in Google and Yahoo soar since hiring his search engine optimization firm. We are so pleased with his SEO work; give him a buzz and see what happens to your web traffic.

Walnut Creek Cheese- This is where I shop. Several times a week! The groceries I use for every TV segement come from WCC. They are my neighbors. They are lovely to work with and have become some of my favorite people.

Taste of Home- I have worked with Taste of Home since November 2010. I do brand ambassador work for them and I am a Field Editor for the magazine. The B&B had 3 recipes along with a story titled "Hugs and Quiches" published in the October 2011 issue. Taste of Home provides recipes that are tried, tested and true- we love them!

Country Lawnscapes- Nate Hochstetler and his 4 guys do a fabulous job on our lawn and flower beds. They mow those beautiful patterns across our grass and make a wonderful first impression for our guests.

Television Stations- I am a regular guest on 4 TV stations in our region. I can't thank producers, anchors and the teams at these organizations enough! They have been very instrumental in growing our B&B and helping me be better on air. FOX8 in Cleveland, FOX28 in Columbus, abc9 in Cincinnati and FOX11 & abc8 in Charleston, West Virginia.

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